What’s In For You

Do you know it is illegal to stave off hazardous materials into the garbage with all other things? Have you ever been thoughtful about what hell you would break loose if you by mistake disposed of off any kind of reactionary acid or bases into your trash can? You may not realize it but more often than not the damage is extensively done and usually, it is too late to undo it.

We organize community drives to help you dispose of your domestic hazardous substances:

Every three months, we organize a drive calling all the residents of the area to collect all the hazardous waste and substances lying around ant to drop it at our collection center. The center is always decided to be in the center of the town for easy accessibility for all.

We can collect the waste for you:

In case you think that you may not be able to make it on the organized day or you suddenly have a personal or a professional commitment which is more pressing, you could let us know one or two days in advance. We will come and collect the waste for you. Service charges would be applicable depending on how far our disposal vans have to make it come and collect the waste from your doorstep. In all circumstances, the rate will be predetermined and conveyed to you in advance for you to be able to decide if it is economical for you to drop it with us or get it picked by us.

We follow the legal methods for disposal:

After the haul, we try to segregate the substances into hazardous and not so dangerous ones. If they are hazardous like lead and other motor fuels, we dispose of them as per the legislations. If the substances like cleaning solutions and other not so dangerous solvents are collected, we try to distribute them to community homes in need of them and also people who would like to buy it from us in a garage sale. The money so collected is contributed in total to the community sanitary projects and the like.

If you would like us to conduct a drive in your area, kindly call us on the number given below or drop us a line on our mail address. As soon as we receive enough requests from your area, we will be happy to announce one soon. Thank you for being kind.